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Wish List

ESCA Wish List

For the office

  • ESCA is looking for testimonials for our website and social media. If you have had an experience you would like to share, please email your comments and the name you want us to share in our publications. (Anonymous, Jane, Jane Doe, Etc.)

If interested, call the office at 724-325-3344 or send information to escadvocacy@gmail.com (Subject line: Testimonial)

ESCA Wish List

For those in need.

Advocates: Looking for caring people to help with our individuals in a variety of ways. You do not need to be an expert in disability rights. This can be filling the gaps with tasks their services are not able to provide, to be a companion, taking them to medical appts, to protect the individual, etc. Our advocates get to know the individual, attend meetings with them, interact and visit them.

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