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Becoming a Volunteer

Become a Citizen Advocate

Volunteering as a citizen advocate focuses on building relationships to enhance the lives of those in need. There are several ways to be an advocate at ESCA.

Mentor- An advocate who assumes a role of a trusted teacher who takes a personal interest in advancing a skill of the individual and enhances the competency of a person who has a disability (hereafter referred to as a protege)

Spokesperson- An advocate who is willing to vigorously represent the best interests of a protege in a wide variety of circumstances and situations. (When an individual’s dignity is in question, or his/her rights are at risk of being compromised.

Monitor The advocate on a continuing basis reviews services being provided to a protege and holds the service provider accountable for the quality and availability of the needed services. (a medical need not being addressed.)

Friend- A person who genuinely cares and has affection for a protege and shares of himself and her in a mutual relationship.

Guide An advocate who can assist a protege with practical problem solving, i.e., bus riding, laundry, groceries.

Companion An advocate willing to be with someone to help watch for safety issues. The advocate spends time on a regular basis to be with the protege and to be a concerned presence.

Protector An advocate willing to protect a protege from at -risk conditions and to defend and guard the individual from harm or injury.

If interested in volunteering as an advocate, please email escadvocacy@gmail.com. We do need clearances and some trainings from volunteers.

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