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2018 Park Ticket Sale (Sandcastle and Idlewild)

posted May 18, 2018
You can now buy tickets at a discounted rate while supporting the Autism Connection of PA. Sandcastle Tickets are $20 (100 tickets available). Idlewild tickets are $25 (100 tickets available). Kennywood tickets are not available this year.

For more information or to purchase tickets over the phone, contact Jennifer at 412-449-0165

Drumstix Ends with a BANG

posted May 18, 2018
Drumstix Ends with a BANGAnother successful year has ended for the DrumStix Program at Clelian Heights. Colleen Bortz led the group from September through May for the Drumming program and had the participants having fun and exercising to music for the nine month program. Each session had approximately 30 individuals participating.

The Drumstix Program will resume next September again with Colleen orchestrating the activities.

Kentucky Derby - Turtle Creek Rotary

posted May 08, 2018
Kentucky Derby - Turtle Creek RotaryA big thank you to the Turtle Creek Satellite Club for hosting an amazing Kentucky Derby event in Oakland this weekend! Dreama from ESCA spoke about all of the great work we are doing in the community. The Turtle Creek Rotary donated enough money to purchase our first accessible trike for our Trailriders bike ride scheduled for this coming Saturday, at the new Murrysville Welcome Center on Route 22.

*The Rotary invited 4 non-profit organizations to participate in this event all similar to ESCA in the aspect that they give back to their communities and in some way provide support to the underprivileged and underserved. There were several gift baskets and over 115 people in attendance.

Special Olympics - ESCA Hosts Booth in Olympic Village

posted May 06, 2018
Special Olympics - ESCA Hosts Booth in Olympic VillageThis Years Westmoreland Track and Field Special Olympics was held at Norwin Stadium. ESCA hosted a booth in the Olympic Village. Many of the athletes who participated in the Special Olympics also handled the ESCA Obstacle Course, which consisted of Ladder Golf, Frisbee Toss, Cam Jam, and Washer Toss.

The ESCA booth was staffed by Ron and Donna Forys. They promoted "Gabby's Art is Good" program as well as the social activities the East Suburban Citizen Advocacy provides.

The format for the Special Olympics was changed from previous years to two sessions, an AM and a PM session. Kudos to the Special Olympics coordinators, especially Annie Essay who orchestrated the day long events.

Update from the PA Waiting List Campaign

posted February 14, 2018
The PA Waiting List Campaign is excited to announce the governor is proposing a new High School waiting list initiative to provide services for the both the June 2018 and June 2019 graduates with intellectual disabilities and autism. This is an exciting change in policy that will have a huge impact on students and families. The decision to fund students this year, and plan ahead for next year's graduating class will be a tremendous help to families across Pennsylvania.

High school graduates with intellectual disabilities and autism and their families are at the mercy of the PA budget process every year. When the budget passes on June 30th, even with a high school initiative included, the graduate experiences a gap before services can begin, typically four to six months. This gap causes hardships on the family wage earners, can lead to regression of skills for the ID or ASD individual, and those with jobs supported by school services will lose them during the service gap. Some budget years the services don't begin until spring of the following year. That wasn't working for people and families, so the PA Waiting List Campaign has been fighting for years to change this process -- we have been heard!

This new approach will allow for students to enroll, plan and choose their services before they leave school so that they will begin receiving services immediately upon graduation. There will be no loss of continuity for the graduate. The services provided by OVR and the school system continue until graduation day, and then the adult waiver services seamlessly begin. There's no regression of developed skills, the caregivers can plan their family member's future in advance, just like what any typical high school graduates enjoy.

We applaud and thank Governor Wolf and his administration for listening to the families from the Waiting List Campaign and bringing this new initiative to life. Pennsylvania will now be planning ahead for graduates, rather than chasing behind the problem year after year.
Please call the governor and say thank you. Also, make sure you call your state representative and senator to ask them to support funding for the waiting list and high school graduates! We need to make sure our voices are heard and this new and better way is enacted.